International Relations

Utolsó módosítás: 2015. április 27.

The professional cooperation between the Eszterházy Károly College and the Open University Malaysia has almost a decade long history.

From its beginning in 2003, the collaboration included jointly organised international conferences and research projects. However, in 2011, with the signing of the agreement for the establishment of the EKC-OUM Learning Centre by Rector Dr. Zoltán Hauser and Chancellor Prof. Dr. Anuwar Ali, it has reached another milestone. Consequently, the College provides a facility for the delivery of the programs of the Open University Malaysia. Presently two Master level programs are being offered, Master of Business Administration and Master of Information Technology. The educational profile of the Learning Centre is continues to grow, as the next planned program is the Master of Instructional Design and Technology.

The Eszterházy Károly College and the Delta Academy of Science, now Delta University, have maintained professional connections since 2000. The program entails shared research projects, jointly organised scholarly conferences, and the exchange of students and instructors. Since the launching of the program we have annually offered a 60 hour multimedia and web developer program the completion of which is indicated with a certificate recognized as 2 credits in the sending institution. The average number of Egyptian students participating in this program is 15-20, while a similar delegation of Hungarian full-time students, mostly in library informatics programs, visits Egypt regularly.

Professional cooperation with the State University of Film and Video Technology of St. Petersburg, Russia began in 1999 and was formalised in October 2002 with an agreement of cooperation between the rectors of the respective institutions. Consequently in a reciprocal manner every year a student delegation of 5 members visits the respective partner institution for special continuing programs in film technology. Other professional partners include the Institute of Eastern European Studies in Leipzig (GWZO) and the Cultural Heritage Faculty of the University of Bologna for researching and documenting the Armenian heritage of the Carpathian Basin and exchanging students and instructors within the ERASMUS program respectively.

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