Utolsó módosítás: 2015. április 27.

Infrastructure facilitating the operation of the Institute of Media Informatics

The Institute is responsible for the operation and functioning of media technology laboratories and motion picture studio facilities developed as a result of the TIOP 1-3-1- 07/1-2F-2008-006 project entitled The Promotion of Natural sciences at the Lyceum. The respective equipment includes the following components:

  • Digital sound processor
  • Digital still image processor
  • Digital motion picture processor
  • HD virtual studio
  • Professional PC-platform based classroom
  • Macintosh-based special classroom
  • Motion picture culture instruction hall
  • 3D multimedia projection and instruction room
  • ICT project room

In addition to facilitating the training of multimedia experts in digital image, sound, and picture development facilities the Institute's infrastructure provides a location and opportunities for professional practice. Thus students enrolled in informatics programs can work with state of the art digital informatics systems and devices.

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