Department of Instruction and Communication Technology

Utolsó módosítás: 2015. április 27.

The Department, which was formed in 2000, primarily focuses on instruction and research related to pedagogical, technological and e-learning connected with MA level teacher training programs.

It also leads the ICT Foundations of the Teaching Profession and the Electronic Learning Environments courses, the Media Assistant post-secondary training, and the Pedagogical Assessment and Evaluation teacher MA program. Furthermore, Department staff makes significant contributions to the arrangement of the biennial Agria Media Conference and Exhibition on Instruction Technology and Informatics. The Department's instructors are members of several highly acclaimed international organisations, including the ICEM, HunDidac, AECT, OKNT, ODT, and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The Department, which is led by Dr. habil Sándor Forgó, has 10 full-time instructors, 8 of whom hold advanced degrees.

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